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WELDBrush 500 weld seam cleaner starter set for pickling and passivation of stainless steel weld seams and surfaces, electrolytic polishing, stainless steel marking, etching and electroplating.

The WELDBrush 500 is the most popular weld seam cleaner for cleaning/pickling and passivating stainless steel. Due to its good and fast effect, this is the second fastest weld seam cleaner on the market. This device is able to quickly and easily clean/stain the discolouration on weld seams, or as our motto sounds:  'pickling without stain' , because  no toxic substances are used  . In addition, the stainless steel is directly passivated (made stainless) in one and the same movement.

With its high power, the WELDBrush 500 can handle the toughest jobs with ease. All TIG and MIG welds and heat traces are free of all discoloration within seconds without leaving any traces. A 100% duty cycle that allows continuous work on the highest setting without the device overheating or thermally switching off.

Good to know
 Extremely fast and most advanced weld seam cleaner on the market
 Pickling without stain
 Removes weld discoloration, heat traces, surface contamination and other non-physical imperfections
 No use of toxic acids
 NSF certified for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Contents of the WELDBrush 500 starter set:
1 x WELDBrush 500 weld seam cleaner
1 x Power cable 110/230V
1 x Cable red - 3.5m 
1 x Cable black - 3.5m
1 x Earth clamp 
1 x Handle 
1 x Connection piece
1 x Protective Cover for 1 Brush - Sliding
3 x Carbon Fiber Brush - Standard - Conical 1 x Copper Grease - 8g
1 x Storage Box
1 x SCL-255 Cleaning Fluid - 1L
1 x SCL-500 Neutralizing Agent - 1L
Tray - Red Lid 
1 x Spray Bottle - Gray
5 x Microfibre cloth – red
5 x Microfibre cloth – gray