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Label-free cleaner with extremely high dissolving power 

Ready-to-use cleaner, on the basis of renewable raw materials, with extremely high dissolving power. An effective alternative to solvents containing VOC and/or irritant substances. The cleaner removes carbonizations, persistent greases, anti-rust waxes, adhesive residues, bitumen, tectyl, silicone, sealing compounds, rubber, and many more. 

  • For the removal of very strong contaminations 
  • VOC-reduced, non-flammable 
  • High flash point (> 100° C/212° F) enhances safety during application 
  • NSF-certified 

GS200 is ready for use in manual applications or immersion processes (also recyclable). Just spray it on in a thin layer and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth after a short exposure time. The cleaned surface will then be virtually residue-free. 

  • VOC-reduced, non-flammable 
  • An alternative to VOC-containing and/or irritant solvents 
  • For the removal of very strong contaminations, such as oils and greases, bitumen, lubricants, anti-corrosion waxes, resins, rubber residues and -marks, and paint
  • For the removal of burnt-in oil layers from gearboxes and motors
  • For the removal of protective film- and adhesive residues
  • High flash point (> 100°C/212°F) 
  • Very economical, an extremely thin layer will suffice 
  • Excellent cleaning effect also in the cold 
  • Pleasant odour 
  • NSF-certified under K3 146720