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E-WELD Shield is used in the field of plasma- and laser-cutting. It is easy to apply by means of the spray system and provides optimal surface protection. By coating the cutting benches, the ceramic additives contained in the product prevent major slag build-ups. At the same time, this slag is easier to remove, which means that cleaning the bars requires less time, making the system available for longer periods of time. In addition, costs are saved because the bars do not have to be replaced so often. The work pieces to be cut rest flat on the bars, which increases the quality of the cutting results.

  • Prevents major build-ups of slag on the bars during plasma- and laser-cutting
  • Can increase life of Plasma/Laser slats up to 10 times!
  • Time savings: slag is easy to remove.
  • Improved cutting results: The cut-outs of the plasma- and laser-cutting machines rest flat on the cutting benches
  • Excl. spray system (available in the E-WELD Shield Package)