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Easy T is a manually operating deburring machine that is suitable for various metal work processes like grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing for different types of the materials – stainless steel, steel, copper, brass and aluminum.
The grinding head with two rotating tools (abrasive disc or brush) is mounted to a swinging arm.
The machine is equipped with a freely adjustable speed and a vacuum system, so that workpieces are fixed on the table. It is a cost save effective solution to the traditional grinding and deburring. All the edges of the workpiece are processed from all angles and directions. The grinding head is tiltable 180° allowing a quick change of the grinding tool.
The brush guarantee to round the edges of the pieces. Our standard brushes have a diameter of 150 mm. It is possible to choose the composition of the brush in reference to the worked material and the final result needed.

The disc equipped with abrasive is used to remove the burrs.

Technical specifications

Working table mm 800 x 1300
Table height mm 945
Vacuum area mm 250 x 350
Motor power kW 0.75
Brush diameter mm 150
Pieces max thickness mm 150