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€19,95 - €219,00
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E-NOX Shine is a ready-to-use, highly effective cleaning and care emulsion, produced on an aqueous basis.

After the care product has dried quickly from the treated surface, it leaves behind a touch-proof shiny protective film.
Printed or etched inscriptions (e. g. on kitchen appliances and lifts) will remain intact.

  • CLEANS and MAINTAINS matt and polished stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, non-ferrous metal, glass, plastic and wood
  • REMOVES dust, fingerprints, oil as well as light limescale and flash rust residues
  • Environmentally friendly and safe → VOC- and label-free
  • NSF-certified
  • Material-friendly
  • Antistatic protective film

The ready-to-use stainless steel cleaner E-NOX Shine can be applied manually and cleans, maintains and protects smooth stainless-steel surfaces. A must-have for high-quality equipment, surfaces and metal components that need to be reliably protected, even for longer storage. The NSF-certified special emulsion is ideally suited for use in the food industry, e.g. for the cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment and systems in canteen kitchens, breweries and dairies – as well as for the metalworking and automotive industries.

  • Water-based
  • Removes dust, fingerprints and oil
  • Maintains metallic surfaces such as stainless steel
  • Fast drying of the treated surfaces
  • VOC-free and unlabelled
  • NSF certification
  • Silicone-free