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SIA 4582 SIARAMIC FIBRE DISC - 115 X 22 X 60 GRIT (25)

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The ceramic fibre disc for maximum performance on stainless steel and steel

The coarser grits of the 4582 siaramic series are developed for an extraordinarily high stock removal speed on stainless steel (thanks to the cooling aid) as well as unalloyed/low-alloyed steels. The long lifetime of the disc is an additional benefit of the shaped siaramic grain. Additionally, the ceramic fibre disc distinguishes through a consistent cut in finer grits on stainless steel as well as unalloyed/low-alloyed steels what results in a superb surface quality.

  • Fast and rugged stock removal with regular surface quality
  • Long lifetime
  • High removal rate thanks to ceramic grit
  • Aggressive initial sanding thanks to optimised sanding grain
  • Uniform cutting performance
  • Increased efficiency due to measurable time-saving
  • Minimal effort required thanks to highly aggressive abrasive grit

    (Pack of 25pcs)