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Cibo Time Saving Kit 05 - Polishing of Inside Box Section & Tube

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Do you have to polish inside box and tube sections in stainless steel? Not sure how to polish stainless steel?

Cibo comes to your aid with the Finit-Easy.
The products in Kit 5 can give the weld a clean finish and make your stainless steel shine in no time.

Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Inside Tube Fillet Welds

TSK05 contains all the product you need to:

Abrade the stainless steel fillet weld.
Ensure no flat spots occur.
Polish to a high quality mirror polish finish.

TSK05 – Instructions – Full stainless steel abrasive and polishing instructions inside every box. The basic process includes:

Grind Stainless steel fillet weld with SA8 unitised disc
Condition the weld with SA5 unitised discs
Use the PV/102 polish to create a bright mirror polished finish

TSK05 – Videos – You will receive a web-link to the full TSK05 videos which gives you a detailed breakdown of the complete process.

How to remove the weld
How to refine the grind lines
Correct machine speeds
The right abrasives for each step
Polishing techniques
Creating the perfect mirror polish finish

Use the right speed: For optimum performance the TSK05 kit is best used with the Cibo Finiteasy fillet weld grinder which gives both access and optimum process speed in one too..