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3M 237AA TRIZACT BELT - 50 X 940MM X A6

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3M Trizact 940mm x 50mm belts in grade A6 are the final stage in the Trizact polishing sequence to refine stainless steel from a satin finish to a mirror polish on the ML100  through feed tube polisher.

The Trizact A6 belt would follow on from the Trizact A16 (1400 grit) polishing belt. Trizact A6 will leave a bright high reflection finish.

Trizact A6 finishing belts give a consistent and defined Ra surface finish with a nominal 2000 grit finish.

Excellent for aerospace, stainless steel and metal polishing applications.

Recommended polishing sequence: A160 – A65 – A30 – A16 – A6 – VT T00 940 x 50mm non-abrasive belts.