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UNO S V is a viscous intensive cleaner from the UNO range that is ideally suited for manual use with application systems such as the Foam Injector, FOAM BOOSTER and Foam Sprayer.

Due to its NSF certification, it can also be used in the food industry.

  • REMOVES oil, grease, protein, separating agents, organic soiling, etc.
  • CLEANS steel, stainless steel, tiles, etc.
  • Stable foam with good adhesion to vertical surfaces
  • High yield, for mixing ratio cf. Application
  • Phosphate-free and NSF-certified (Registration No.: 142391, Cat. Code: A1)

UNO S V is a viscous intensive cleaner that removes vegetable and mineral oils and greases, protein, separating agents, smoke residues and wax as well as fresh paint residues and pigment inks. It adheres to vertical steel- and stainless-steel surfaces, is NSF-certified and can be used manually and in foam sprayers.

  • Phosphate-free and VOC-reduced
  • High yield, cf. Application
  • Good cleaning performance at room temperature
  • NSF listing (Registration No.: 142391, Cat. Code: A1)