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SCL-500 Neutralizer is a high quality neutralizer. The neutralizing agent reliably removes dirt and grease from the stainless steel surface and at the same time neutralizes all electrolyte residues. It is very important that the neutralizing liquid is applied moist and completely rubbed in and dry with dry, clean cloths. Any liquid residues that dry independently on the surface can leave stains, streaks and color differences.

NSF certification
In addition, the cleaning fluid is NSF certified. It does not contain any toxic acids and is therefore suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In order to receive the NSF certificate, extensive product tests, material analyzes and an unannounced factory tour are carried out.

Good to know
 Neutralizes acid residues from electrolytes
NSF certified for the food and pharmaceutical industry
✔ Also removes as a surface degreaser
 Prevents white spots and color changes after electrochemical cleaning