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SCL-255 electrolyte is a high quality cleaning fluid and is used for electrochemical cleaning and polishing of stainless steel weld seams and surfaces. Colloquially, this process is also called electrical pickling. The electrolyte is suitable for cleaning TIG and MIG weld seams in connection with a WELDBrush or a similar device. In connection with the temperature that arises when working with the WELDBrush and carbon fiber brush, discoloration, contact corrosion and any foreign particles are reliably removed from the surface and the surface is permanently passivated in the same operation.

An important advantage is that this liquid contains neither nitric acid nor sulfuric acid, which means that the material is not attacked and there are no discolorations or stains on the material. For best results, the neutralizing agent SCL-500 should then be used to avoid white spots.

Good to know
✔ Suitable
 for TIG and MIG weld seams
 NSF certified for the food and pharmaceutical industry
 Removes weld discoloration, heat traces, surface contamination and other foreign particles on the stainless steel
surface ✔ Does not leave any stains in combination with the neutralizing agent SCL-500