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RCD Medium 115mm is the most popular combination flap disc.

Use the... RCD medium on any stainless steel tubular tig weld operation to completely remove the tig weld and leave a perfect 240 grit satin finish in one action.

n.b. If you have not used the RCD before it is definitely worth watching the video on the product category pages.

The RCD discs break all the traditional sanding rules.

- Feel free to dwell on the weld, iyou will have to work very hard to undercut the weld or flat spot the metal
- Sand so you create the sanding lines parallel with your tube (yes we know it feels weird at first) and then you want need to do another sanding process afterwards to change the direction of the sanding lines.

Used a sanding disc before the RCD?

- Use the RCD Medium to take out all the flat spots and damage you didn't want to put in in the first place.
- The Medium RCD will remove all the damage and restore a perfect finish to your tube.