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The Cleaner and Degreaser CB 100 Alu has a high dissolving power and prevents tarnishing of aluminium, brass and non-ferrous metals due to its special protective formula.

The cold cleaner alternative is also suitable for ultrasonic and immersion applications.

  • REMOVES extremely persistent, burnt-in dirt, special greases, greases, oils, smoke, soot, rubber residues, bitumen- and wax residues, and pastes
  • CLEANS stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass and non-ferrous metals
  • Protection against tarnishing → aluminium protection formula
  • Temporary intermediate storage possible → light corrosion protection
  • Long service life → recyclable, demulsifying
  • Occupational safety and protection of the environment → VOC- and label-free
  • For manual and automatic use

CB 100 Alu removes strong contaminations, such as oils, special greases or pastes, from components and tools. Wax- and bitumen residues as well as rubber marks can also be dissolved effectively. After cleaning the water-based cleaner will leave efficient corrosion protection on the parts. 

Due to its excellent cleaning performance it is particularly suited for the pre-cleaning of parts and is mainly used in the CLEAN BOX systems. 

In the production of the cleaner, renewable raw materials from recycling products are used whose active ingredients will not attack the surfaces to be cleaned. The special aluminium protective formula prevents tarnishing of materials on components. 

The low-foaming cleaner has a pleasant odour and is VOC-reduced, which means it can replace paraffin. It is safe to use because it does not require labelling under the CLP Regulation. 

  • No tarnishing of materials on components and such 
  • High dissolving power for persistent greases and contaminations 
  • Good cleaning results even at ambient temperature 
  • Can be heated to 40°C/104°F 
  • Replacement of paraffin in cleaning 
  • No labelling required under the CLP Regulation 
  • VOC-reduced