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Unitised quick change discs with a Lockit / Roloc type fixing.
2S Fine 75 mm diameter disc
With a flexible finishing action unitised discs are great for deburring, finishing and pre-polishing.

Scotch-Brite™ Roloc™ EXL Unitized Wheel performs well in a variety of metal working applications and machined parts where close tolerances are important. Use our wheels to achieve professional results in weld polishing, deburring aircraft parts, or blending and finishing on a variety of metals, plastics and composites. The wheels come in a variety of grades, from fine to medium to coarse. They use EXL material in the higher densities for its toughness and aggressive cutting power for effective deburring of edges and corners, without damaging the part. The lower densities are soft and conformable and work well for finishing contoured surfaces. Roloc quick change discs are smaller discs designed to be easily and quickly attach onto a Roloc disc pad*, for convenient disc changes between different tasks, or in multi-step finishing processes.