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Polishing wide stainless sheets | NS Maquinas DM1600 ZC

DM1600 ZC for Deburring/Polishing wide parts! | Enquip Supplies



In addition to the 1100mm and 1350mm versions, the DM1600 ZC’s expanded width capacity now makes it possible to process an even larger number of parts and/or significantly wider sheet metal components.
The DM1600 ZC features a large contact roller powered by a 22kW motor, allowing you to execute professional, high-quality deburring on a variety of metals and part sizes.
This machine’s cross-belt system, featuring flexible abrasive blocks, delivers a consistent edge rounding operation by grinding the sharp edges of the part to make it smooth and safe to handle. An automatic abrasive wear compensation device has been included to periodically measure the length of the abrasive blocks and thus ensure that the same pressure can be maintained throughout the edge rounding process regardless of how worn out the blocks get. With the DM1600 ZC’s cross-belt system, aesthetic, regulatory and safety requirements are met with ease.
User-friendly and intuitive, the DM1600 ZC’s integrated touchscreen allows you to define all the parameters of the machine in a practical, straightforward way. Whether it is regulating inverter speed, adjusting the machine for different part thicknesses or monitoring abrasive pressure, checking messages, statistics or maintenance procedures, all of this can be done on the machine’s control panel with a shallow learning curve.


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